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Halfway there.

And I Still Can't Find Myself.

17 May
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The littlest things make me laugh. It's not hard to please me. I love to look at the stars. I'm literally attached to my iPod. My favorite type of weather is sunny with a cool breeze. I'm a night person. I live on Rock Band, candy, and the ones I care about. I love concerts. I randomly read the dictionary. I'm up for anything. My family helps me stand, friends make me walk. When I'm alone, I rock out and pretend I'm a rockstar. I love shopping and wearing flip flops. I love my hair and hate wearing my glasses. I go to school and hang out with my best friends everyday. I drink fruit punch and watch The Golden Girls. I take 6 hour naps and do my homework at 10 pm. I love taking road trips. I hate roller coasters. I'm honest and obsessed with horoscopes. And I can't imagine living any other way.